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The Procedure for Laser Therapy

Relieve your pain and accelerate your healing with laser therapy at CHIRO & LASER Pain Relief Center of St. Augustine. Our patients love the results they get with this healing solution.

Your Laser Therapy Session

You don’t need to make any particular preparations when you see us for laser. Your practitioner will set the appropriate factors on the laser. The laser may be placed directly on the skin or just above it, then moved around the area that is to be addressed. You’ll wear protective goggles for your safety while the laser is on.

The only sensation you may feel is a slight warmth. Often, our patients don’t feel anything, and there is certainly no discomfort involved.

The time needed for your session will depend on the area that we want to address. Typically, it will take 3-15 minutes.

Why Choose a Class IV Laser?

A Class IV laser is used by a broad range of medical professionals around the world. Thanks to the deep penetration, the speed of healing is enhanced. New or chronic injuries can benefit from laser therapy. It’s an exciting, state-of-the-art development in the medical field.

Schedule Your First Session With Us

There is a wide array of conditions that can benefit from laser therapy. Contact CHIRO & LASER Pain Relief Center of St. Augustine today to book your consultation!


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