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Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain St. Augustine

If you’re pregnant, you’re all too familiar with the changes taking place in your body. While miraculous, some can result in pain. Low back pain is common in expecting moms in all stages of pregnancy. It is particularly so near the end of your pregnancy, when your baby is in the final growth stages.

Why Back Pain Happens During Pregnancy

Your baby is growing by the day, and your body’s center of gravity shifts with your belly, moving dramatically forward. This alteration puts stress on your lower back. In preparation for childbirth, the hormone relaxin is produced by the body to relax the ligaments in your pelvis and make sure the cervix is prepared. The increased weight pressure and the relaxin are commonly the causes of the discomfort, as they loosen the body’s ligaments.

How Class IV Laser Therapy Helps

There are three separate effects from our Class IV laser:

  • The reduction of pain
  • A decrease in inflammation
  • The enhancement of your healing capabilities

Your inflammatory factors and neuronal impulses are reduced. The dilating lymphatics result in less edema. Your healing will be accelerated thanks to greater blood flow. This flow releases cytokines, produces more collagen and stimulates fibroblast activity.

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