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Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis Pain? Get Relief Today For Just $29

Laser Therapy For Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It can result from incorrect walking, running or even standing and causes improper biomechanics. The result is pain, tenderness, swelling, inflammation and difficulty walking.

We understand how painful plantar fasciitis can be and can help alleviate your pain today!

We address the root cause of your plantar fasciitis while also offering quick relief for your pain.

Find out more about how laser therapy can help your plantar fasciitis – call (904) 460-2923 or book appointment online now!

Laser therapy for Plantar Fasiitis in {PJ}

$29 First Treatment Special

Affordable Plantar Fasciitis Laser Therapy

Our Class IV deep tissue laser is used by professional sports teams who know it’s the quickest way to get an injured athlete back on the field. With a higher power than other lasers, you can get better faster than ever. There is no pain and it takes just 3-8 minutes to complete treatment.

We believe quality health care shouldn’t be out of anyone’s reach. We are proud to offer the latest natural plantar fasciitis pain relief techniques at a fraction of the cost. Our affordable fees are less than most insurance co-pays and we offer an incredible $29 New Patient Special.

We can help you today – call (904) 460-2923 or book appointment online now!

CHIRO & LASER Pain Relief Center of St. Augustine Team

What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

  • I hope this method of healing works. I’ve tried many different avenues so far I’m still in the same condition..I’m willing to try the laser approach.

    - Mary P.
  • The laser therapy has really helped me and my shoulder is finally healing. Dr. Trupo is very knowledgeable. Victoria is very helpful also. The service they give is really good. I highly recommend them.

    - RC
  • This is my first experience with laser pain therapy. It has only been a week but so far the results are encouraging! Dr Trupo and Dr Bloom are very professional and experienced. I feel as if they care for each and every patient who steps in their door. Lacey at the front desk is very customer service oriented and personable! I highly recommend them.

    - Linda P.
  • Dr Gary Trupo and his staff are some of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet…. Just when no one had answers for me, Dr Trupo did. Thank you so much for giving me back my quality of life.

    - Arbida S.
  • I visited this office to find out about the laser technique! I had right knee surgery and after the first laser treatment my knee was feeling better. It was amazing! I am healing at a faster pace than it was healing by itself. I had the laser technique in my neck and back as well. The doctors are wonderful, caring and very understanding. Great practice!

    - Catherine M.
  • Great place for treatment. The laser treatments are the best and has helped my back and ankle tremendously. Love this place!

    - Alberta V.
  • Dr. Trupo uses a holistic approach combining several techniques to decrease pain and swelling. He is caring, compassionate and very thorough. He took quite awhile explaining things to me and making sure that I was comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Trupo!

    - Alyssa T.
  • Dr. Trupo introduced me to his laser treatment and explained how it accelerated the natural healing process. After just a few appointments the stiffness and soreness was relieved and I’m just excited to go in and come out feeling 100%! Once again thank you Dr. Trupo!

    - Marc Anthony S.
  • Dr Bloom was very thorough and he’s got such a nice attitude. The adjustment went great, and the laser helped almost immediately. Everyone there is so friendly and supportive. Thank you all!

    - Eliza A.

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