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Neck Pain St. Augustine

laser-on-trapsWhen a joint in your spine loses its resiliency and can’t absorb shock like it was intended to, it affects your range of motion and causes pain. Mechanical neck pain happens due to arthritis and degenerative disc disease in the neck.

A dysfunctional joint can result in muscle pain and affect your overall nervous system health. There is a high amount of nerve receptors in the joints of the body. Any muscles around the joint can develop tension and inactivity. With a muscle imbalance present, the joint is further aggravated. All the spinal joints, from your neck to low back, can cause pain. The pain becomes degenerative when the joint isn’t used regularly.

The Cause of Mechanical Neck Pain

If you sit at all day at a computer, your bad posture may be the cause of your pain. It can also be due to degenerations in the area of the spine that allows you to move your head up, down and around. The muscle and the ligaments can be sprained or strained. In other cases, the cause is unknown.

The symptoms of mechanical neck pain that you may experience include

How Laser Therapy Helps

We provider laser therapy with a Class IV laser. The effects of it include a reduction of pain and inflammation and the enhancement of your healing. Your neuronal impulses decrease while endorphins will be released, reducing pain levels. Furthermore, your inflammation is addressed by the decrease in inflammatory factors and the relief of edema. Finally, thanks to better blood circulation, the stimulation of fibroblast activity and collagen production and the release of cytokines, your healing is accelerated.

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