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Headaches St. Augustine

Dr. Gary with laser equipmentAre you one of the many people in the U.S. that suffers from headaches? The most common type is referred to as a tension headache and can be mild to intense in discomfort. Stress and difficult emotional situations are some of the more apparent causes. Other sources are anxiety, lack of exercise, tiredness, dehydration and bright lighting.

Tension Headaches and Cervicogenic Headaches

If you have a tension headache, the symptoms you’ll experience include a dull, aching pain in the head and tightness in the forehead, back of the head or the sides of your head.

A cervicogenic headache’s cause is located in the neck or shoulders. You might have a condition that affects your muscles, joints, nerves and discs, and then the pain radiates to your head. Arthritis and whiplash injury can produce this type of inflammation. The pain is usually on one side of hour head and may be dull or piercing. The pain can start at the back of your head or from your neck, then move into the forehead and temples. You may be sensitive to sound, light, have nausea and vomit. A cervicogenic headache mimics many of the symptoms of a migraine.

How Our Laser Therapy Helps

Our Class IV laser has three separate effects: the reduction of pain, the reduction of inflammation and the acceleration of healing. The body’s neuronal impulses are decreased while endorphins are released, cutting down on your pain levels. Inflammation is lessened thanks to fewer inflammatory factors and the dilating lymphatics that lead to reducing your edema. Your healing is boosted by an increased blood flow, the stimulation of fibroblast activity and collagen production and the release of cytokines.

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