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Back Arthritis St. Augustine

Laser Therapy For Back Arthritis in {PJ}Do you suffer from arthritis? This condition is marked by chronic inflammation, irritation and degeneration of a joint. The inflammatory form of arthritis results in areas of swelling in the joint. If left untreated, it results in severe pain. There is also degenerative arthritis, which involves the cartilage of the joints wearing down. When this cartilage is reduced, our joints will degenerate.

Though degenerative arthritis doesn’t have the swelling that inflammatory arthritis does, the wearing away of cartilage will cause painful friction. The result is a stiff joint, which typically worsens overnight when you’re not active like you are during the day.

How We Address Arthritis

Our goals in addressing arthritis depend on which form of it you suffer from. With degenerative arthritis, we want to reduce your overall pain levels, increase your flexibility and mobility and improve the strength of the affected area. With inflammatory arthritis, we want to cut down on the inflammation that is causing your discomfort.

How Laser Therapy Helps

We provide Class IV laser therapy. If you have back arthritis, it can reduce your pain levels and inflammation. Your neuronal impulses are reduced while endorphins are released, resulting in less discomfort. Inflammatory factors are decreased and lymphatics dilated to reduce edema and inflammation. Your healing is accelerated thanks to an enhanced blood flow, the release of cytokines and the stimulation of collagen production and fibroblast activity.

Learn Whether Laser Therapy Is Right for You

Find out if you can benefit from our advanced technology. Contact CHIRO & LASER Pain Relief Center of St. Augustine today to schedule your first appointment with us!


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